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Free-Standing Traverse Walls

Free-standing traverse walls make excellent additions to your playground as both stand-alone units and as add-ons to trim trails and play towers.  They encourage balance, strength and agility much in the same way that traditional climbing walls do, but as children traverse horizontally rather than climbing upwards you minimise the risk of accidents, removing the need for specialist climbing equipment and lessening the necessity of safety surfacing.

All of our free-standing traverse walls are constructed from commercial-grade timber and HDPE engraved plastic allowing you to add a personal touch to them if you’d prefer.  They are also available in various colours to either match your current scheme or to create a bright and friendly environment.

We would always recommend a minimum of two panels in your traverse walls, but the maximum amount depends purely on the amount of space that you have, and the beauty of a free-standing traverse wall is that both sides are usable.