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Movable Interactive Water Wall

Movable Interactive Water Wall

Product Description

The Movable Interactive Water Wall adds a great deal of replay value to your wet room, allowing children to  guide water streams down the wall using a manual pump and an endlessly adjustable array of tubes and gutters.  Its HDPE construction allows the Movable Interactive Water Wall to be strong, durable and easily cleaned.  The unit is fitted with legs and rubber feet with a wide stance, making it safe and sturdy when stood on an even surface, but still easily relocated should you want to store it or take it outside on a warm day.



  • Durable plastic construction (various colours available).
  • Sturdy legs with rubber feet for grip.
  • Movable foam brackets to adjust the course.
  • Guttering, funnels, bottles, pipes and wheel included.
  • Manual water pump.

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