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Play Galleon

Play Galleon


Product Description

The Play Galleon takes the nautical theme to the next level. Built from round timbers, HDPE and wooden panelling, and finished with a sea-worthy rope trim and flag, the Play Galleon is guaranteed to leave children with sea-legs. The portholes are built up using HDPE with a polycarbonate window. The standard Galleon features a rotomould slide and climb ramp attached to the tall tower, with a ship steering wheel fitted to the mid-section. To top it off, the flag is customisable to your school or company.


  • Three timber structures forming boat
  • Hexadeck decked bow
  • Steering column  and mast with custom HDPE flag
  • HDPE plastic panels throughout (various colours available)
  • Round HDPE port holes with polycarbonate windows throughtout
  • Climb grip ramp
  • Rotomould slide
  • HDPE plastic decals

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