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Sunken Play Galleon

Sunken Galleon


Product Description

The Sunken Galleon makes a great addition to any playground to take their themed play area to the next level. The rear is created using a climb ramp with balustrading , under which we form a den with polycarbonate portholes. The mid-section is bordered with stepping stumps and two inclining balance beams, separated by a mast with customisable HDPE flag. The bow of the sinking ship is built from wooden panelling to match the stern, atop of which we fit a climb-grip ramp.


  • Timber bow with climb grip ramp
  • Timber stern with hexadeck ramp
  • Den beneath stern with port hole window
  • Timber balance beam side
  • Stepping stump side
  • Round timber mast with bespoke HDPE plastic flag

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