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Loose Fill

Loose fill surfacing is a more traditional and natural method of creating a safety surface or as a weed control barrier, consisting of individual particles of material (generally wood, bark or rubber) which is laid to the required depth.  When used as a safety surface to cover critical fall heights it will be laid at a minimum depth of 300mm and retained by timber edging (or another suitable material).

Our hardwood loose fill chippings are ideal for projects where a more natural appearance is required i.e. with timber play equipment, in woodlands, open countryside or forest school environments.  Typical uses for woodchip include: safety surfacing; weed suppressants; pathways; surfacing for mini-beast study; and sensory and tactical learning areas.

Alternatively in recent years a new recycled product made from rubber tyres has been made available.  It comes in chipped or shredded form which can be coloured to provide browns and greens for a more natural look or reds and clues for a brighter, livelier appearance.