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Tarmac Surfacing

Bitmac or Tarmac surfacing as it is more widely known is one of the most durable and hard-wearing surfaces available.  The product is made up of a stone aggregate (generally limestone or hardstone granite), mixed with sand or fines then coated with liquid bitumen.

Tarmac is mostly available in black but can be mixed with red oxide to create a maroon effect known as “red”.  Black and red can be used to great effect to zone playgrounds into fast and slow play areas.  Other colours are available but due to the fact that they need to be mixed with a clear binder they are generally not as competitively priced.

Tarmac surfacing can be used for playgrounds, pathways, car parks, running tracks, ball courts for multi-game use, access ramps and bridge surfacing.  It can be overlaid onto existing aged tarmac surfaces to create a new surface.  It can also be line marked with thermoplastic markings or sprays.  It can be overlaid with rubber wetpour, rubber safa mulch, artificial grass or anti-slip paints.