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Wall-Mounted Traverse Walls

Our wall-mounted traverse walls are a fantastic way to engage children in improving their balance, agility and strength, as well as aiding them in their ability to problem-solve.  They operate in a similar way to traditional climbing walls without the need for climbing equipment or safety surfacing (when fitted at the correct height).

The wall-mounted option is the perfect solution for those looking to make use of under-utilised space in their playground, turning empty walls into viable playground activities without imposing any compromise on your free space.

We manufacture our wall-mounted traverse walls from timber, hexadeck and engraved HDPE plastic depending on the product your choose, or we can even just install climbing grips directly into your wall rather than installing panels.  The traverse panels can be mounted to virtually any sturdy structure, and the layout of the grips can be customised to suit the heights and abilities of your children.