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Movable Splish Splash Water Trough

Movable Splish Splash Water Trough

Product Description

Our Movable Splish Splash Water Trough is a fantastic indoor water play asset that allows all the fun and excitement of water play but with total flexibility of movement.  Its modular design allows you to move and rearrange individual troughs to the configuration that best suits your area, as well as moving it from room to room or even outdoors.  As with our regular Splish Splash Water Troughs, the Movable version is made from durable HDPE plastic, stainless steel and timber for a sturdy, pleasant aesthetic and easily cleanable finish.  All of the legs are tipped with rubber feet to prevent any slipping, and the sides are clad in plastic to stop children from crawling underneath the troughs and causing accidents.



  • Three stainless steel troughs.
  • Durable plastic edging and cladding.
  • Durable plastic water wheel and see-saw.
  • Stainless steel water funnel.
  • Drainage plugs.
  • Free standing with rubber feet.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Various colours and configurations available.

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