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Operation & Maintenance Manual

For both the safety of your children and the longevity of your playground equipment, we recommend regular cleaning, testing and inspection.  As such, we have put together an Operation & Maintenance Manual that will guide you through all of the most common inspection and maintenance routines.  Much like other care instructions some of this may seem like simple common sense, but there is also a lot of specific information for particular materials that should be followed closely in order to improve its longevity and prevent any damage.

The manual includes a recommended inspection schedule as well as an inspection check-list that you can make copies and keep records of as evidence of your inspection history.  As well as this, the manual breaks down our most common products and materials, explaining clearly and concisely how best to maintain them.  And of course, if there’s anything that you’re not sure about, you can always give us a call.

Click here to download our Operation and Maintenance Manual