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Sound & musical play is a much sought-after playground feature, particularly in Early Years and KS1 settings.  It encourages collaboration and opens children’s eyes and ears to the joys of making music.

The majority of our musical equipment is manufactured from HDPE plastic using genuine musical hardware, ensuring high-quality builds in customisable colours, ideal for brightening or theming your area.  As with all of our panels they can either be wall-mounted to make good use of underutilised space, or free-standing to create a new musical area out in the open space.

As well as standard musical instrument variations we also manufacture panels designed for resonance, making percussive sounds that are particularly helpful in SEN environments.  Our resonance boards and multi-music panels can be customised to suit your available space and fitted with your desired instruments.  We also stock fun experimental sound items like our talk-tubes and parabolic reflectors, ideal for kids who show a keen interest in science.