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Fencing & Gates

We manufacture and stock a wide variety of playground fencing and gates suitable for both nursery and school playgrounds, parks and sport areas including ball courts. Fencing can be used to contain an area for a specific use or activity or as a boundary to prevent access to a prohibited area.

All of our timber fencing is available in various heights and many style options such as bow top, stockade, closed board palisade or themed e.g. pencil fencing. We also stock metal fencing such as bow top, play spec bow top and various types of reinforced meshed fencing suitable for ball play. All of our fencing includes a large range of gate options, including single, double, pedestrian and vehicle gates. Similarly we can provide anti-dog grids to play area gates if required.

Our stockade fencing can be used to create play mazes, planters, segregate areas and as retaining walls for banks.

Our timber fencing finishes include natural, painted or stained and for our metal fencing and gates we have painted, galvanized or powder coated finishes available.