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Inclusive Playground Equipment

One of our main focuses as a company is to continually develop and improve our range of Special Needs inclusive playground equipment. We often work directly with schools to design new products that help in the development of children’s balance, co-ordination, senses and most of all let them have lots of fun.

We offer two different types of wheelchair swing that are suitable for a large range of different wheel chair types and sizes. The swing is also complemented by our birds nest and mirage cradle swings that are ideal for inclusive play. Our wheelchair roundabout sits flush with the ground to enable easy access for up to two wheelchair users at once. The roundabout also has a bench seat that can accommodate up to four people.

Our inclusive playground equipment range also includes tactile panels to help with the development of a wide range of special educational needs. Wheelchair bridges offer the chance of a challenge and can be accompanied by rumble strips for further sensory excitement.

Alongside our range of inclusive playground equipment we often use mirrors, resonance and musical play panels, as they offer their own unique play value and can be used to spark imagination and interest.