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Mini Sensory Tunnel

Mini Inclusive Sensory Tunnel

Product Description

For children with special educational needs, sensory play can be a vital part of their development, and as such our Mini Inclusive Sensory Tunnel should be a valuable addition to any play area wishing to deliver those sensory experiences.  Its 2.4m high roof is designed to prevent a claustrophobic feel while passing through without detracting from the tunnel experience.

The roof of the Mini Inclusive Sensory Tunnel has multicoloured porthole windows of different shapes and sizes for visual stimulation and is fitted with wind chimes at either end.  Along the inside are a multitude of shapes of varying colour and size, some with engravings and some coated with tactile materials, and the rest fitted with mirrors.  On the opposite side music panels are fitted to deliver sound and resonance fun.

Finally one of the outer sides is fitted with two mirrors spanning the full length of the tunnel for visual interaction.


  • Designed to suit wheelchairs of all sizes.
  • Timber and durable plastic construction.
  • Artificial grass coated outer.
  • Engraved tactile panels, mirrors and windows.
  • Free space inside for optional play or music panels.
  • Hanging chimes.
  • Large mirrors along one outer side.