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Play Houses

Any one of our range of playground play houses can make an exciting feature in your playground.  We all experienced the fun of some sort of playhouse when we were growing up, so we can all appreciate the fantastic way that they can encourage roleplay and cooperation amongst children.

We manufacture our play houses from the best commercial-grade timber to ensure that generations of children will get to enjoy them.  And as with anything in a playground, their purpose changes from one minute to the next.  They could be a simple house for kids to play family, and a moment later they’re a police station during a frantic game of cops and robbers.  But more so than all of the possibilities, what all play houses help to encourage is a feeling of safety and independence.  They’re spaces that children can stake claim to and look after, much like a real house, while still under the watchful eye of teachers and guardians.

Our range includes a variety of popular designs, but we can also manufacture custom play houses to any theme and specification that you like.  Let your imagination run wild!