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Decks & Stages

Outdoor playground decks & stages offer excellent ways to create imaginative play spaces for children of all ages. They can act as theatre platforms for performances, teaching platforms or creative areas for arts and crafts. If used in conjunction with a chalkboard they become a theatre with an ever changing back drop designed by the children or an outside teaching area. You can add musical panels or use them as a band stand for school performances.

Amphitheatres enable you to gather the whole class in one place to watch performances, recitals, plays or simply as another teaching environment. We can provide curved, sided or straight amphitheatres in any size or shape that you require to fit your playground. They can be open air or under cover as shade can be important when children are sat in one place for any length of time.

We offer three types of decking types for all our stages and amphitheatres all of which offer superior grip and longevity compared to traditional timber decking. Please speak to us for further details on which decking type will be best for you.