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Playground signs are often a much-needed addition to your playground that make it much easier for you to enforce the rules, as well as outlining the purpose of particular areas and offering instruction.

We design and manufacture all of our playground signs ourselves using both timber and HDPE plastic, meaning that we can make any signage bespoke to meet your needs, themed in any way that you like.  Looking for accessories for your wheeled toy trackway?  Why not a few road signs, or street name signs?  Want your playground to be branded to match your logo?  We can use your current designs to create matching signage to incorporate into your playground equipment.

Whatever your needs, our engraved signs offer long-lasting durability and legibility given that there’s no print to fade, and in the case of our heavy duty plastic signs, and grime that covers the wording can easily be removed with a cloth and soapy water.  So browse our signs today, and for all custom designs please get in touch.