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Jungle Range

If you’re looking for a play tower that looks natural and inspires adventurous children then consider a Jungle play tower.

Constructed from natural round timbers, our Jungle range features distinctive hexagonal towers.  Not only do these make a Jungle play tower an impressive structure to behold, theming them almost like a tree-top walk, but they also allow for more space.  More space means more children playing simultaneously, improving the value of your investment and ensuring that no one is feeling left out.

While we can make bespoke Jungle towers to suit any palette you like, we typically design them with earthy browns and greens to match the timbers and ensure that they blend in any natural environment that we place them.  Suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 11 years old, the Jungle range is arguably our most flexible in regards to accommodating the highest range and volume of children, and as such is an excellent option for diverse, high-footfall playgrounds.