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Jamaica Range

The Jamaica Play Tower range is designed to be robust and colourful, giving you a tower that truly stands out and becomes an impressive feature for your playground.

These towers cater to older children, ranging from 7 to 11 years old, allowing them the room to run, climb and explore freely.  As such, our Jamaica range is one of the largest tower ranges that we manufacture.  They feature an array of different fixtures, from arched climbers and bridges to stainless steel slides and fireman poles, and at their heart, as with all of our towers, are the natural timber supports and impressive roofed towers.

We can manufacture these colourful structures to meet any specification you like, with additional features and customisable colour schemes, making them an ideal focal point for your play space.  So if you’re looking for a tower with a more modern and eye-catching look that will cater to older children, the Jamaica range could be the perfect place to start.