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Bentilee Children’s Nursery, Stoke-on-Trent

Bentilee Children's Nursery - After Development

It’s quite common to have areas of your playground that can be somewhat awkward to utilise without some redesigning, particularly when the area is sloping, and even more so if it’s confined.  Bentilee Children’s Nursery got in touch with us to see what we could come up with to improve a small sloping area of planters that had been built between a storage shed and a dividing fence.

With such a limited space, we decided to think upwards, building a fenced decking area with steps to access it.  Given that the original area was designed for planting we needed to reintroduce this theme with a cleaner, more accessible design.  We did so with a long timber planter spanning the width of the deck, built at a height that is easily accessible to both staff and pupils.

To finish the area we added a small section of artificial grass in place of some old rubber safety tiling to beautify the space.