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Broad Oak County Primary School, St Helens


Sprucing up Broad Oak

We’ve worked together with Broad Oak Community Primary School on a number of occasions as they’ve updated their playgrounds over the years, and on this instance we added some of the most impressive improvements to date.

As with many schools, equipment is required to be durable above all else in order to ensure that generations of children can enjoy their unique creations, making them memorable environments and viable educational spaces.  But no matter what preparations you make time will always take its toll, and equipment will become outdated.  As such, one of Broad Oak’s old play towers was in need of replacing after years of service, and we were happy to provide the replacement in the form of a brand new Mini Trim Trail Unit, the perfect all-in-one trim trail solution for little adventurers.

But one impressive unit does not a playground make, so we set about on the rest of the space, brightening up their old wetpour with a colourful layer of artificial grass as well as an artificial grass roadway.  To allow them better use of underutilised areas we installed mark making panels for the children to exercise their creativity while ensuring that the areas could also be used as outdoor teaching areas.  On top of this, as the school was missing the ever popular elements of sand and water play, we fitted a lockable sandpit with HDPE lids as well as an interactive water wall for the children to expand their creativity even further.

The final challenge was maintaining the staff’s ability to segregate the playground after having removed fencing to open the area up towards the Broad Oak Play Tower that we had fitted prior to this project.  The solution was a supply of Movable Timber Bow Top Fencing panels.  These could be stored when not in use and brought out to cordon off areas of the playground for different classes and age groups when necessary; a completely flexible segregation solution with no groundwork required, capping off another successful project for ourselves and the staff of Broad Oak Community Primary School.