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East Acton Primary School Play Tower, London

East Acton Primary School - After Development

Play towers make excellent multi-faceted additions to any playground, encouraging the development of a range of gross motor skills in an environment that children love.

We have installed these towers all over the UK, and East Acton Primary School wanted one of their own to fill an otherwise empty area of their playground.  Our Smile Range in particular makes for a very colourful centrepiece, made from a combination of high quality natural timber and highly durable engraved plastic, available in a variety of colours to suit.

As with most play towers, safety surfacing must be included in order to be compliant with government regulations that ensure both the safety of your children and of the school in case of any mishaps.  As such we installed our artificial grass surfacing on a bed of shock pads to safely cushion any trips and falls.  Within this surfacing we then installed our Jumbo Smile Play Tower, featuring a slide, a fireman’s pole, a tunnel, a climb grip ramp, steps, and three towers (two with roofs, one without).