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Movable Interactive Water Fountain

Movable Interactive Water Fountain

Product Description

Our Movable Interactive Water Fountain makes a fun and unique addition to your wet room.  Children push the buttons to activate their corresponding fountains, spraying water in one of three different patterns for a few seconds.  The range of the spray makes it an ideal piece of equipment for entertaining multiple children.  To use, simply attach a regular hose to the connector on the site of the unit, run the other end to a tap and you’re ready to go.  The durable plastic construction ensures that the fountain is easily wiped down and cleaned, and once you’ve finished using it simply unplug the hose and tidy the unit away to free up the space.



  • Three different spray patterns.
  • Standard hose attachment.
  • Works off main water supply – no electricity required.
  • Various colours available.
  • Free-standing with Rubber Feet.
  • For indoor wet room use.

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