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Clare Mount Specialist Sports College, Wirral

Clare Mount - After Development

Often times space becomes underutilised due to underlying issues, and in the case of Clare Mount Specialist Sports College, that issue was drainage.  They had a lovely grassed area that was begging to be used by the pupils but, more often than not, was just too wet.  We worked alongside staff to design their ideal layout for the space, while they worked on gaining access to funding for the scheme.

Given our 27 years of experience developing playgrounds we have a wealth of knowledge to help our clients gain access to vital funding streams to pay for part or all of their playground project, so if you don’t think you’ve got enough money in the budget to consider developing your playground, get in touch; we can link you to various schemes and charities that help people in your situation every day.

With funding secured we set to work installing more adequate drainage for the area , before pressing on with the rest of the proposed design.  This included the installation safa mulch pathway and a timber arched bridge, built to a scale and specification that meant it could be used all year round and was suitable for wheelchair users.

Along the edge of the pathway we installed timber bench seats to create a nice seating area, coupled with a willow wigwam for a natural reading area, a lockable storage chest to store outdoor activities and a chimes music panel for an audible sensory experience.

To finish the area with a sensory zen-like experience, we installed a mirrored solar fountain, enabling the children to touch and hear the water in a safe and educational environment.

So we started with an area that was boggy and unusable and finished with a quiet, fun sensory retreat for the children.  Another little success story for a very deserving school.