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Lordship Lane Primary School, London

Lordship Lane Play Tower

A Play Tower Makeover at Lordship Lane

As much as we relish a blank canvas, the prospect of breathing new life into a space that has seen better days is a great way for us and our clients to exercise a little creativity.  Lordship Lane called us in for a consultation, setting us to task at designing a brand new play tower to occupy the same space as their previous one.

Luckily, even with safety regulations taken into account, there was still plenty of space to fit one of our largest available play towers; the Jumbo Smile Play Tower.  Incorporating climbing nets, traverse walls, a fireman pole, a tunnel and a slide, these towers are truly an all-in-one play solution and a real treat to behold.  And having given their tower a full bells and whistles upgrade, they also wanted us to brighten up their safety surfacing with a generous splash of colour.  To do this, we used their original wetpour base and covered it with our hard-wearing artificial grass for a fantastic emerald green finish all year round.

With the play tower complete, we set about a few of their other ideas, achieving an excellent outdoor teaching space thanks to our Safa deck staging and a large chalkboard. We fixed it in front of a few rows of timber bench seats to save the hassle of pupils carrying chairs in and out of the building.  A few music panels attached to the walls aided in introducing fun new activities to previously underutilised areas of the playground, really adding to the bright and colourful atmosphere that Lordship Lane desired.  The icing on this particular cake came in the form of custom playground storage spaces.  The school needed a secure place to store equipment and playground toys but didn’t want the solution to compromise their open spaces.  To that end, we made a custom-built heavy duty storage shed to fit perfectly into a narrow section of playground that was too awkward for pupils to use, thus making fantastic use of an area of previously unusable space.

Another successful outing for Maple Leaf Designs, and a fantastic update for the pupils and staff of Lordship Lane Primary School.