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St. John’s CE Primary School, Stoke-on-Trent

St Johns

St. John’s new Trim Trail

At Maple Leaf Designs we are always happy to hear from previous clients regarding all of the exciting new ideas that they have for their playgrounds, and St. John’s CE Primary School is one with whom we’ve had the pleasure of forming a great relationship with thanks to their enthusiasm and our own hard work.

This time around they opted for some playground equipment of the trim trail variety.  The beauty of trim trails is their flexibility; they can be suitable for a wide age range of pupils (which is particularly important during primary school years).  Children can use them as they are and teachers can opt to include them in outdoor activities or during PE.  It’s no wonder that they’re one of our most popular installations.

This time around we worked with the senior leadership team of the school in order to incorporate their needs while also speaking to the pupils to reach a design and purpose that would no doubt make everyone happy.  The resulting structure included a springer balance beamMissouri footbridge and pole twister to challenge the pupils’ balance, and was finished off with a set of stepping stumps and an inclined beam weaver to work on their agility.

To complete the area we surfaced around the trim trail with Safa Mulch Safety Surfacing for a highly durable finish that will safely cushion any falls should they occur, and will remain usable all year round.  St. John’s also opted for a natural finish to the timber for a reserved feel in-keeping with the natural grassy surroundings of the playing field.

Another finished installation by the Maple Leaf Designs team that left a lot of smiling faces.  So if you’re considering a playground update yourself, give us a call.  Speak to those who’ve worked with us before, and our designers can come and give you a free consultation.