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Manchester High School for Girls

Manchester High School for Girls - After Development

A new Trim Trail for Manchester High School for Girls

We recently undertook a project working with Manchester High School for Girls in order to develop a patch of their grounds that they felt could be better utilised than it was.  And of course, seeing an empty patch of land in front of us is a great sight to behold, brimming with endless possibilities to make something for generations of pupils to enjoy.

As such, we met with the staff and put our heads together to find something suitable for a range of ages that could also potentially be utilised during PE lessons.

The resulting design involved an array of our trim trail equipment of timber construction for an all-natural look and hard-wearing finish.  We included a tyre hop and stepping stumps to challenge the agility of the pupils, leading to a set of balance beams and an inclined beam weaver as a test of balance.  The whole construction is based atop a surface of artificial grass for a finish that maintains the natural look of the grass that came before it while ensuring that the are can be used throughout the year without the unsightly wear and tear that results in bare ground.

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