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Our broad range of individual trim trail items is the place to start when you’re thinking about creating a unique trim trail for your playground.  All of the products listed here serve different purposes and concentrate on different aspects of balance, strength and agility, as well as scaling in difficulty. All of our trim trail items are manufactured in-house using commercial-grade timber, hexadeck and HDPE plastic for long-lasting strength and durability, suitable for use in any weather when installed onto an appropriate surface.  Over the years we’ve designed more and more exciting trim trail accessories for children to test themselves with while being sure to keep honing in on and updating our whole range to ensure that they are as efficient, stable and aesthetically pleasing as possible. If you’re not sure exactly what you’d like in your trim trail or how you’d like it arranged for your space, contact us for a site visit and we can put together a design for you, free of charge.