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Faith Primary School, Merseyside

Faith Primary School - After Development

All natural grass is a wonderful feature and can be used to great effect when beautifying large areas of low footfall. The downside of this is that, while viable during dry weather, when the clouds roll in it only takes a brief period of rainfall to take out the whole area for the day.  As such if your space is plentiful it may still be a viable option, but for most schools where space is at a premium, natural grass is not fit for purpose.  This is especially the case in areas of heavy footfall that the children are expected to use every day, all year round.  Hundreds of tiny feet will churn it to mud when wet or turn it to dust when dry, and it takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the staff to try and stop this from happening.

Faith Primary School are just one of the many schools we’ve dealt with whose primary concern has been their surfacing, and while you can always make a case for the natural beauty of real grass, if it cannot be maintained then it may as well not be there.  Luckily all is not lost!  At Maple Leaf Designs Ltd. we take great pride in our natural-look artificial grass, ensuring a very high production standard that makes it durable and long-lasting, along with a natural blend of colours that mimics the look of real grass.

Following a complete resurfacing of their grass areas we installed a new Hexagonal Shelter for outdoor teaching and quiet study, a Wormery and a Rustic Mud Kitchen to create a natural play area around the shelter, along with a Tunnel Mound and a Log Walk Weaver to encourage gross motor skills.