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Thorley Day Nursery, Altrincham

Thorley Day Nursery Thank You

We recently finished sprucing up the outdoor play area at Thorley Day Nursery in Altrincham.  They’ve been up and running for 25-years now, taking responsibility for generations of children as they take those all-important initial steps into their educational journeys.  As they put it, it’s an ideal nursery for any parent looking for a “calm and welcoming environment” for their child during their early years.  They also offer an excellent nutrition plan, which goes hand-in-hand with the equipment that we offer, introducing healthy diet and exercise habits.

While we always try to check-in with our clients once our work is complete to make sure everything’s running smoothly, we rarely get to hear anything from the children who use the space.  Well, after we finished at Thorley last week, we were approached with the above painting that all of the kids had made for us.  It’s a great reminder of the benefits of what we do from the people we do it for, and it’ll be taking pride of place in our offices just as soon as we can find the perfect frame for it.